Carolina Shag dance is the official state dance of the Carolinas.

Our goal is to preserve and spread the Carolina Shag far and wide.

Each week we play traditional and current beach music, slow dance and line dances. 

​Whether you are an experienced shag dancer or a beginner, we welcome you. 

Learn to shag or to improve your style through classes offered by the Club. 

Or just come and enjoy some great beach music and a fun dance!

Now over 140 members! - Thank you to all our dancing members!


We will move to a new "Schedule" for the 2023 year. 

Always check this website for the date, time, and location of our dances. 

Boone Shag Club - IN THE NEWS!!!

MountainTimes - October 17th, 2019

Boone Shag Club - IN THE NEWS AGAIN!!!

​High Country Press - January 24th, 2020

     Check "Our Events" for our 2022/2023 schedule; when and where we're dancing.




See you on the dance floor!

​ "Tuesday nights at the Green Park Inn in Blowing Rock, NC"

Members $5   Non-Members $8

Students and First Time Guests - FREE

(must register at the door)

Attention: ONGOING SCAM ALERT!  DO NOT FALL PREY to an ongoing scam/fraud where someone contacts you asking for a donation to ANY CAUSE in the name of or on behalf of OUR CLUB FOR ANY REASON whatsoever.

Scammers are attempting to steal YOUR MONEY and possibly your identification. HANG UP if anyone calls you soliciting money.  DO NOT TALK TO THEM.  THEY ARE THIEVES AND FRAUDS AND SCAMMERS.   BE ALERT!!!!!


Celebrating our 35th year!​



Hello December 2022!


Thank you for your continued support!  Please note the following change in our schedule. 

We  will dance
Jun - Oct: Dance twice a month, the 1st & 3rd Tuesday of the month.
Nov - May:  Dance once a month, the 1st Tuesday of the month. 


Celebrating our 35th year!  Stay tuned

and think about what YOU can bring to

make our club even better!

Think about volunteering your time and talents!

This site will continue to be updated with news.  Stop by often!

Get some Carolina Beach Music in your life!

See you Tuesday,  November 8th


Click HERE for "Our Events"

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Please stay tuned to this site for attendance requirements in light of the Corona Virus

Please know that in these uncertain times we are living in, you will need to make the final decision concerning your attendance at BSC events.  Only you know your comfort level with being around other people at this time.  More details to come.